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February 2020

Hobbiton is real and will take your breath away

A visit to Hobbiton Movie Set is a truly mesmerising and memorable experience that will certainly take your breath away, fan or not.

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Imagine a place where having 7 meals per day and being invited to parties would be part of your weekly routine. A place surrounded by emerald hills, colourful houses and lush gardens. Does such a place really exist?


Of course, it does and it’s called Hobbiton. Hobbiton is part of J. R. R. Tolkien’s fictional world, called Middle Earth, where Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, Dragons and other peculiar creatures roam freely.

What’s the story of Hobbiton?

Construction started sometime in 1999 when Peter Jackson, the director of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, deemed the Alexander farm to be the ideal location for Tolkien’s bucolic setting. Two decades and 6 movies later, the Hobbiton Movie Set, as it is called today, is the only movie set from the LOTR & The Hobbit films that is still standing.


Where is Hobbiton located?

Visiting Hobbiton means that you need to travel all the way to New Zealand. The nearby village, Matamata, in the shadow of the Kaimai Range Mountains saw an increased flow of tourists since Hobbiton Movie Set officially started welcoming visitors.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the two-hour tour can range from 89 NZD to 119 NZD, depending on the exact town you will be departing (Matamata, Rotorua etc.). The ticket price includes the bus trip (if you book transfer), the guided your and your free ping at the Green Dragon. A cheaper option would be to rent your own car and get directly to the site. You may look at all the pricing options at https://www.hobbitontours.com/.
During the tour, make sure to keep close to your tour guide as he/she will be sharing some exciting and weird facts that took place before or during the filming of Lord of the Rings.

The Green Dragon Inn

One of the most interesting (and also the final) parts of the tour is your visit to the Green Dragon Inn.


You actually get to chill next to the fireplace tasting authentic hobbit ale — “the only brew for the brave and true”. Additionally, you can order local Hobbiton products since all the produce of the village’s green gardens is not thrown away; instead, it is served to the pub’s visitors. Pretty awesome, right?

Is Hobbiton Movie Set worth a visit?

If you are a fan of Tolkien’s cosmos then there is absolutely no need to question yourself whether a visit to the sole place in earth resembling Hobbiton is worth a visit. For all those of you that have never heard of The Lord of the Rings, a visit to Hobbiton Movie Set will be a truly memorable experience. Don’t forget that you will get the chance to roam inside a fantasyland like no other and see up close where some of the most successful cinema movies were filmed.

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Visiting Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore

The oldest Hindu temple in Singapore

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Paradoxically located in Chinatown, even if the city has its own Little India district, Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the best things a visitor can do in Singapore. Why is that?

The oldest Hindu temple in the city

The temple was built in 1827 by the actions of Mr Naraina Pillai and since then it has undergone numerous renovations every 12 years (a ceremony know as Kumbhabhishekham)

The massive gopuram

The 5-tiered tower hanging above the front entrance of the temple acted as a beacon for early settlers and pilgrims.

A cultural and religious focal point for the Hindu community

The temple provided immigrants with shelter until they found a permanent job and moved on. Besides, numerous Hindu festivals are bein organised e.g. weddings, firewalking etc.

A fine example of Dravidian architecture

Dravidian style temples originate in South India, the land of Tamil people. This temple clearly represents the Dravidian architecture.


Feel free to read the full story about Sri Mariamman Temple at https://www.mileswithvibes.com/singapore/sri-mariamman-temple-hindu-spiritual-destination/.


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